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50,000 SQ FT

Quality Sporting Goods and Much More! We strive to meet all your outdoor needs, hunting, fishing, workwear & footwear needs. Love to cook, bike, can, learn, come check us out! We have you covered!


6 Specialty Shops

From Hunting to Fishing, Workwear, Apparel, Men's, Women's and Youth. Footwear and Boots! Camping, Biking, Boating, Marine Needs! Housewares of varying levels and Giftware!


Special Orders

Can't find what you are seeking? We offer special orders, Need a different size, color, look? Let us know! We will do our best to make sure you are covered for your needs!

early morning

Early Morning Sports Window

We offer an early morning Sports Window for those last minute items that you may have realized you need! We are here to support our outdoor enthusiasts.


Locally Owned & Operated

Our goal is to make sure we are excellent community partners, offering the best options for all your sporting goods needs, while offering a wide array of choices. From a massive array of hunting and fishing inventory, to work and casual wear, footwear, work boots, kitchen goods and more, we are here to help!

Generations of Excellence

Since 1947 we have been owned and operated by family, starting with the dreams and visions of Bob Schlect Senior. We take great pride in continuing to offer the best to the community we call home. Thru competitive pricing, product options and more, we are here for you!

Local Knowledge, Local Care

We live in this community and keep a check on the pulse of the community, what is trending, what is hot. From knowing the fisheries, what is working, hunting tips, the apparel to use. To knowing what our business community demands of their employees. Our community matters.

Community Partnerships

We strive to develop solid community relationships. Area businesses are important to use. From knowing the employee uniform requirements, to offering special opportunities to community businesses, we diligently work to ensure we have what employees need. Our community matters.